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Toll Free SMS

toll free smsToll free SMS service enables visitors of your website to send SMS to your number at zero cost. You, as the website owner should take care of the charges. This service is similar to that of toll free phone numbers, where the caller spends nothing at all by calling. In the toll free SMS service, the sender just types a message from the website and the message is delivered to your mobile.

How it works ?

  • You (the website owner) have to sign up with us and buy a toll free SMS account.
  • Purchase a toll free SMS plan that suits your requirement.
  • Instructions will be sent to you to enable you to use our services.
  • Visitors of your website will be required to fill in an enquiry form.
  • The filled-in enquiry information will be received in your mobile as an SMS.
  • Any person from any part of the world can send SMS to you.
  • It is faster than an Email. Moreover, enquiry by Email is less reliable due to SPAM & VIRUS.

Benefits to Business/Website Owner

  • Customers make use of toll free services as they are free. Hence, it is more likely that customers would contact you if you have toll free services. Thus, you will find much higher response to your marketing efforts if you have toll free services.
  • Cost-effective and easy to implement on your website.
  • You can access your SMS on your mobile phone wherever you are.
  • Quicker than Email- visitors to your website can reach you instantly by SMS.
  • You have to pay only for the usage or number of SMS that you receive. If nobody sends you a message, you will not be charged. Your bills will increase only as your business grows.
  • You can expand your marketing reach. Anyone from around the world can contact you by SMS, without you incurring any international SMS charges.
  • Helps you connect with customers instantly.
  • Increases customer loyalty. Builds confidence and trust with your customers by showing them that a live representative of your organisation is just an SMS away.
  • Free SMS: There is no expense to the person who is sending the SMS, no matter wherever they are.
  • Your customers need not have a mobile phone. All they need is access to your website and they can send SMS anytime, anywhere.
  • Guaranteed attention as the SMS reaches the right person and not a common Email box.
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