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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gujranwala

Bulk Sms Gujranwala SendPK.Com is a bulk SMS service providing company that provides the best bulk SMS services in Gujranwala. We provide the best services without compromising on the quality or the consistency in producing results. We are a successful bulk SMS marketing company and help improve the marketing campaigns of various businesses and companies.

We keep updating the DND list periodically to avoid you getting tangled in legal issues by sending messages to the numbers in the DND list. We also follow all the PTA regulations. We provide 24X7 accessibility and easy tools to manage your contacts. We understand the requirements of our clients and help them according to their needs.

Our bulk SMS gateway of Gujranwala ensures that your desired contacts get the messages regardless of whether they are using CDMA or GSM technology. The software is a user-friendly application that is designed in such a way as to meet the needs of your marketing campaigns. The bulk SMS service in Gujranwala is cost-effective and reliable as well. You can kick start your marketing campaign by choosing the appropriate SMS marketing plan.

NTN: 6396772
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