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Virtual Number

Virtual SMS Numbers (Non premium SMS) - 11 Digit Code

In some instances like in the cases of business and corporate users having a virtual, dedicated SMS number is required. These virtual numbers are used to collect information from their partners, employees, or customers. The applications of virtual numbers are endless; a few of which are listed below :

Virtual Number
  • Non premium SMS campaigns: Virtual numbers can be set up in about 1-3 days at a cost much cheaper than having a dedicated premium SMS number.

  • Pooling: Publish your dedicated number and collect opinion from your customers.

  • Marketing: Market through giveaways and contests, and in return get consent from your customers to send them SMS advertising.

  • Medical Trials (clinical trials): You can have members of the medical panel to SMS their results to your dedicated SMS number. For the ultimate efficiency, the collected information goes into your database.

We designate a virtual SMS number for you. Once it is designated, all the messages that your number receives will be forwarded to your inbox.

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