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As Per the Recent Policy Changes Against Alphanumeric Mask SMS, PTA is Now Regularizing the Alphanumeric Mask, Now Each & Every Alphanumeric Mask Will Be Approved from PTA & a Unique Long Code Of 7 Digit Will Be assigned From PTA For Each Alphanumeric Mask.

The Purpose of Assigning This Long Code Is to Facilitate Mobile Phone Subscribers to Unsub/Subscribe to SMS Notifications, Either They Want to Receive These SMS or Not.

PTA, Instruct All the Cellular Mobile Operators to Remove All NON-PTA Approved Mask from Their Systems & Allow SMS Traffic Only From PTA-Approved Alphanumeric Mask.

If Your Mask Is Not Working, Then Please Re-Submit Your Mask Request with the Required Details & Mask Fee

Registration FeeAnnual FeeTotal
RS 2500/-RS 1500/-RS 4000/-
Annual Fee: 1500/Mask Will Also be Charge On 1st March Of Every Year

Please fill out all the forms and send them back to me via email.


  • Kindly fill out all the mask forms computerized, print them on your business letterhead, make it proper sign & stamp on it and send them back to us via email.
  • The Mask character limit should be 11.
  • No common name & special character is allowed.
  • CNIC front & back is required.
  • Make sure the business letterhead & business name on NTN must be the same.
  • Masking (Branded SMS) required official NTN.
  • The masking procedure will take max 14 days.

1. Tick mark the SMS category whether it’ll be transactional (OTP, Transactions, Verification Codes, Notification alerts) or Promotional (offers campaign).
2. Print it on letterhead, stamp it and sign over it and send it back to us via email.

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Feel free to ask any queries.

PTA Directives Regarding Alphanumeric Mask

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