Semi Branded SMS

Semi Branded SMS

In This Service SMS Will Be Sent From: SMS Alert, SMS All OR PBS

یہ سروس بھی برانڈڈ ایس ایم ایس کی ہی ہے لیکن اس سروس میں ایس ایم ایس پہلے سے رجسٹرڈ کسی خاص نام سے جاتا ہے، اس میں آپ اپنی کمپنی/ادارے کے نام سے ایس ایم ایس نہیں بھیج سکتے۔

Package Price (RS)SMSRateExpiryBuy Now
110002434.101 MonthBuy Now
230007404.055 MonthBuy Now
3500012504.005 MonthBuy Now

Requirement For Semi-Branded SMS

  1.  Account Verification

Please Note!

Semi-Branded SMS Will Not Be Delivered On

  • Ported Numbers (Converted From Parent Network To Another Network).
  • Those Customers Whose Activate, DND (Do Not Disturb Service) On Their Numbers.
  • If You Want to Send SMS On Ported Number, Then We Will Charge 15 Paisa/SMS Extra.

* This is a local channel for terminating local/Pakistani origin companies/products/services traffic only, terminating traffic of any international entity directly or indirectly is considered is a crime and can lead to legal action for damages/losses incurred.

These Packages Are Not Valid For OTP (One Time Password).
For OTP / Transactional Traffic –