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Bulk SMS API Documentation (Single/Multiple SMS Via HTTP) For Website/Software  Integration.

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Send Single SMS:
Single SMS API Link

Send Multiple SMS:
Bulk SMS API Link

Send SMS In Urdu:
Urdu SMS API Link

Send Schedule SMS:
Schedule SMS API Link

Get Delivery Report Of SMS:
Get SMS Delivery Report

Check Credit Through HTTP/S API:
Check Remaining Balance

Our Docs Are Such Friendly That A Normal User Can Also Integrate API With Out Having Deep Developer Knowledge.
usernameYour Login Username Of (Required).
passwordYour Login Password Of (Required).
senderYour Company Name/Brand Name (Required).
mobileRecepient Mobile Number (Required).
messageThe Message For Recepient (Required).

if you are using fixed-sms then pass a json string with your keys & values Example:

{“name”:”Umair”, “pin”:”456723″}
template_idfor fixed-sms please type your approved template ID (OPTIONAL)
typeType = unicode for unicode SMS (optional).
datedd-mm-YYYY Example:25-02-2016 (For Schedule SMS) (optional).
timehh:mm:ss Example:21:30:55 (For Schedule SMS) (optional).
formatType is xml and json. Not Case sensitive. If set, the result will be returned according to the type specified (optional).

Return Response And Their Meanings.

OK ID:29346

Status CodeDescription
OKMessage Successfully Accepted For Delivery.
1Username Or Password Is Either Invalid Or Disabled.
2Username Is Empty.
3Password Is Empty.
4Sender ID Is Empty.
5The recepient Is Empty.
6Message Is Empty.
7Invalid Recepient.
8Insufficient Credit.
9SMS Rejected.

Above HTTP API Code Are Fully Compatible With PHP , ASP , Dot Net , JSP , C# , XML , Java Integration.

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