Recently all mobile operators introduced a policy of blocking or allowing promotional SMS / calls on their numbers.

How To Block Promotional SMS :

The procedure for blocking promotional SMS is very simple, just follow the below instructions in order to block SMS and Calls.

  • Go to Write Message
  • Send Blank message to 3627
  • If you are not able to send blank SMS then send Dot “.” to 3627

After this message, you can receive one message, on that message you can get the reply “after 2 Days your request will be accepted”

How To Un-Block Promotional SMS :

If you want to unblock promotional SMS service, please follow the following steps

  • Go to Write Message
  • Type ‘UNSUB‘ and send it to 3627
  • You can also use a USSD menu *3627#

After this message, 2 business days are required to lift the block on your number.

Please inform us after 2 business days, once the promotional SMS block is lifted from your number, so we can whitelist this number in our database as well.

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